Monday, May 30, 2011

thank you to all who have served & those who continue to serve~

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Friday, May 27, 2011

a cozy little place~

 children & the hubs
were so kind on mothers day

not only did the hubs
prepare both dishes we were taking to the cookout
but he did the clean up too
he's very sweet that way

the entire family met at garbry's big woods for a cookout
everyone i tell ya!
all of my children

it was such a fun day!

while i could go on & on about mothers day
the point of my story is this...

our library recently started loaning out kindles
pretty nice huh!
the residents of our little town
are fortunate to have
a great library
complete with a kind & generous staff

i'm getting off the subject (again)
the direction this story was taking
i borrowed a kindle from the library
fell in love i tell ya

i was one lucky mom to be gifted a kindle
for mothers day


i decided to make a cover~
a cozy little place to store my kindle 

it's padded so i can put it safely in my purse

and it also has a pocket for the charger
headphones, cell phone etc~


you can purchase the pattern through etsy

thanks so much to my family
for making mothers day
so much fun



Thursday, May 5, 2011

paper dolls & cut outs

when i was a little girl
around 10 or so
my next door neighbor, denise ( also known as uncie) & i
would play cut outs
cut outs were our version of paper dolls
we would beg the neighborhood ladies
for their sears & roebucks or montgomery ward catalogs
we would cut out our families and then shop for
& children
we would use bobby pins to hold on their clothes
my mom was the local beautician
so we had acess to bobby pins & scissors
we had the best of everything
wedding dresses
above ground pools
split ranch houses
all the latest appliances
all our children were cute, clean & well behaved
and our husbands all looked like models
after all, we were a model family
and all of our shopping trips were free
so we could afford the best
we kept our families & their homes in shoe boxes
along with our bobby pins, scissors & some little rocks
the rocks held our homes & families in place on windy days
as we most often had our little worlds spread all over the front porch
uncie & i spent many days with our paper families & their belongings
those were the best of days

now i have this little grandgirlie
when i found these cute magnetic paper dolls
i couldn't resist
they even came in a cute little bag
how cute is that!

she's not quite sure what to do with them yet
but we'll keep playing
and she'll figure it out
she'll remember these days

as the best of days


Monday, May 2, 2011

giddy....absolutely giddy!

we finalized our vacation plans today!

we're spending 11 days...(odd number of days i know)

on Sullivans Island in South Carolina

the hubs & i have been positively, absolutely giddy all day
we are planning

 beach days

 trips to Charleston

(we're only 20 minutes away!)

a day trip to Savanah

reserve our table Paula!

while in Charleston,

we hope to do a few walking tours

eat seafood

walk the city market

stand on the battery


admire all the houses of rainbow row

sullivans has some great dining choices

poe's is a great place for lunch

and the beach.....hmmmmmmmmmmm

here we will

(Dorthea Benton Frank of course)
apply lots & lots of sunscreen
drink gallons of sweet tea
collect sea treasures
walk the shore
enjoy each others company
tuck ourselves under a big umbrella
splash ourselves & each other
make plans for the rest of the year
rejuventate our bodies & our souls
promise to stay longer next year