Thursday, December 27, 2012

i'm moving!

christmas has come and gone
and blogger says my space for pictures is gone as well
the free part of blogger is just for words
pictures will eventually cost you~
my intention of doing a blog was to share pictures & stories
not have advertisers & sell stuff
but now
 i can only share stories on this blog, no pictures
in all fairness to blogger, i can share pictures i've already posted
but i can not upload new pictures without paying
the hubs gifted me a new camera for christmas
and i'm certain i'll want to share them with you!
you can find me at
i would love for you to drop by for a visit!
i hope you had a merry little christmas!
the end....well sort of

Friday, December 7, 2012

i can't believe it's december already......

i've heard it over & over
i've said it over & over
it's december?
yet when i come to my blog to see what every one is doing in blogland
my blog screams....
it's NOVEMBER!!!!!
there is still a picture of a turkey for crying out loud
in order to have any type of winter pictures
i would have to resort to last yea's photo's as our weather has been anything but winter
it has been in the 50's & 60's
(how do you people in warm climates motivate yourselves to decorate ????) will be here in ohio no matter the temperature
so today i'm decking the halls & changing up the blog background
yes header only contains picture
i didn't want to mess with picasa today!
i upload a pic from last year
...well i almost upload a pic
but google tells me i'm out of space!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

gobble gobble gobble

~happy thanksgiving~

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Franklin Park Conservatory with the sweet pea~

 the hubs & i headed to columbus to see the kids...

and we say" to see the kids",what we really mean is " to see our grandgirlie iris"

we headed to franklin park conservatory
it was a fun fun day!
cute ,curious and chatty this little one is
*note the sweet little red shoes*
the "young barkers"
the old barkers..
 i think "vintage barkers"
sounds a bit better don't you think?
the conservatory is featuring artist aurora robson
at first glance i thought it was glass
it is not
it's all made from trash
bottle caps, plastic drinking bottles, etc
amazing don't you think!
you can learn more about her work by visiting

Sunday, November 11, 2012

it's a girl thing~

wine.....double check
veggies & dip......check
movie (magic mike)......check
a fun night with my bet!
thanks girls!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

lather, rinse,repeat....

i could repeat a past post...

remember the post
where i whined about my computer...
but i'll spare you & tell you the short version
my computer has been back at HP ......AGAIN!
i received it back this week & have spent the better part of this week
getting everything back to normal
we have a slow internet connection
(just a little better than dial up)
so uploading itunes, picasa, finding everything on my little external hard drive

( blah, blah, blah  on with the short version )
takes forever...forever in computer time that is
ok...i'm done whinning

( done until it happens for the 4th time....yep 3 times it went back to HP for the SAME problem)

i said i was done whining didn't i
on with some happy stuff...
yeah!!!!!!!! i have a FO


big differance huh
the pattern is spring fern
you can find all the details below
it was a fun pattern!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

stupid camera.....

it started out a little something like this......
she wanted to run & jump & play in the leaves
her mom & i wanted her to pose, sit still, stand up straight, smile, say cheese.....
ummmm......i think we know how she felt about
then i captured this......
bestill my heart....

Saturday, October 27, 2012

a few from the fall photo shoot~

i love that this kid wanted me to take his pictures
instead of having them taken at school~
the boy loves his boots
happy weekend my friends

Friday, October 26, 2012

~my gal friday~
addy has been visiting and playing office
don't ya love the phone!
it works and we still use it
i unplugged it so she would have a phone in her office
don't ya love how she placed the receiver on the cradle
i could have used a gal friday the past few weeks
my HP computer has been giving me fits
fits i tell ya!
HP has been in possession of my "new" computer more than i have
it has been reformatted or taken back to factory system restore
no less than 3 times and i've only owned it since may of this year
with all the trips back to HP & their many repairs & replacement of parts,
(and lame excuses)
it still acts silly sometimes and i don't at all trust it
i'm stuck with it
i bought an external hard drive to back up my info
i have to have a little tiny computer to put all the info that's on the big computer
just in case the big computer goes kaput
i had to have rusty from our " local computer fix it place"
come out and show me how to back up & save all my info onto the little computer
so that in the event the big computer goes on the blink again
i will have all my information safe & sound
(now the geek at best buy just plug it in and it will prompt you what to do)
it most certainly did not
it surely has me it worth it?????
it's worth it for pinterest alone
however with that said....listen up people
because my HP computer has proven to be unreliable
(nothing like losing all your vacation pictures)
 to make you do what they have been telling you to do all along
for the time being
i think things are ok
i've missed everyone & everything in blogland
have you missed me?
after previewing this post, i'm thinking i sound a bit psychotic
do i  come across as psychotic when you read this?  did i spell psychotic correctly?
having computer problems day after day makes me that way
thanks Hewett Packard!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


lovin this book!
you can get it from amazon for $15.00
it's worth every penny
i've made several things from it and have loved them all
this week i made the toaster pastries
pop tarts as my kids called them
much better than pop hard crust or sticky filling
no preservatives or unknown  ingredients
just yummy homemade goodness
they went together very well
i filled them with our homemade strawberry freezer jam
and gave them a dusting of powdered sugar
such a treat in the morning

Saturday, September 29, 2012

splish splash or the pixie & the puddle

babs & i took the littles & headed out for the day
it was a rainy, gray, dismal day but pefect for puddle jumping in the parking lot
and the pixie couldn't resist a stomp

her little leggings & shoes were soaked
but oh the smile on her sweet little face...

Friday, September 28, 2012

farm science review 2012 or a shelden post

our day trip to farm science review began the same as last year
taking the kid to frish's for breakfast
the request for this picture always makes him and us laugh!
after filling up on big boy doubles, fries & cherry cokes
(not at all breakfast food, but filling none the less)
we headed to london to attend the farm science review
a dream land for farmers of which we are not
but the kid wants to be a farmer
and drive one of these
or one of these
or hang out in one of these
my favorite picture of the day
he loves all things john deere
he loves all things farming..........period
it was a fun day & we're thrilled he wants to share the day with us
we love ya buddy!

Monday, September 24, 2012

yummy chocolate chip cookies~

the hubs requested chocolate chip cookies
i went in search of a good or rather a better recipe than the one i have been baking
the requirements were simple
chewy yet a bit crispy
i have run the gamut on bad chocolate chip cookies
they are either
that are flat & too crispy
thick & not chewy
dry & crumbly

awwww, but this recipe is a keeper
the only substitue i made was to swap out the semi sweet chips
for milk chocolate chips just because it's what i had on hand
wanna give them a try?
you can find the recipe here  chocolate chip cookies
ps...sherri over at little house in paradise is blogging up some goodness
featuring favorite casseroles
stop by and pay her a visit & get some yummy supper idea's


Saturday, September 22, 2012

another kind of pea~

finally off the needles!
i love this pattern
it's called
you can find in on ravelry & it's free

Friday, September 21, 2012

a pea.... the sweetest kind

meet my favorite kind of pea...
my little sweetpea~
she's gonna be a little mouse for halloween
cuteness coming or going
i went up for a visit this past week 
she & her momma treated me to lunch
took me to their favorite park
 she's a girl on the run
chatters non stop
and a delight to be around

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

fall on the farm with the family

young's dairy has a wool gathering every year
this year makes the second time our
families have met, shopped & enjoyed lunch
the highlight of the day for the kids
is seeing the animals
this guys looks like he means business!
the kids enjoy playing the games & doing crafts

but i think their favorite part
is a little spot set up just for them
to play music, puppets, try out shoes for tap dancing, hats for fun
and singing ole mcdonald
i see a band in their future!
don't you just love the washboard
and here we have the little sweet pea making her stage debut
bestill my heart...i call this little one "tonka"
and playing lead no less
is the pixie
me, babs & tonka
lunch for 13 please!
my goof ball son
i have so many silly pictures of him
round one...
spiced sweet potato bread
chunky applesauce
( a few of them filled up on round one & weren't hungry when their meals came)
and you know who you are.....
and the huge rack of ribs.....
polished off in no time flat by this kid
i call him doodlebug
but never in front of any one
cause....well you know
14 year old boys HATE that!
after lunch we headed over to let the kids take
a ride on the shake & rattle
the biggest kid you see here is my kid!
the littlest driver taking her mama
a spin around the farm
jacob & jade win the biggest smiles of the day!
the goats look forward to the visitors
with hands full of food
it was a perfect fall day