Wednesday, June 20, 2012

sometimes it's the petals...

sometimes it's the seed pod

i snipped one of these beauties to put in a vase
later that same day i walked into the room
where i had put the vase

it must have been the way the sun was coming through
the window that made me see this flower
in a different way

i have never noticed the beauty of the seed pod before


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

cute tea bag tags & coffee or tea?

coffee or tea ?
for me...both!

i love coffee in the morning
sweet tea the rest of the day

we drink sweet tea around here
winter or summer

i haven't made sun tea in ages~
i think because i didn't have a big ole jar to put it in
thanks to my mom, i now have one!
thanks mom!
( if you need something, just ask her, most likely she'll have it, find it or go hunt for it ) 

i've never noticed until today
the cute tags on the tea bags!
the tea brand is luzianne

the recipe 

2 family size luzianne ice tea- tea bags
7-8 cups of water
let sit in the sun for several hours
or until fairly dark
remove tea bags
add as much sugar as you like
1/4 cup if you're from the north
1/2 cup if you're from the south
or as abbey says...
keep adding sugar till it taste like your hummingbird water!

sometimes we add mint & lemon 
sometimes we throw in a peach

stir & enjoy

Saturday, June 9, 2012

my little helper~

the pixie loves to help me hang clothes

so her grampie put up a little clothes line

that is just her size

she loves it!

that grampie

he's the best!

if one clothespin is good
six will work much better!

i think she did a great job!

one thing for certain.....
those napkins weren't going anywhere!

her mama says she loves to fold clothes and does a
very good job

when she was all done

she did a little spin
headed to the sand box

awwww, the life of a three year old


Friday, June 8, 2012

flutterbys ~

or so my children called them when they were small~

i love a conservatory!
i was so excited
when abbey suggested we take a trip
to cincy for the butterfly exhibition
at krohn conservatory

we picked a day through the week
when neither hub had to work
and the kids
were out of school

our thinking was
it wouldn't be as busy
through the week


lots of others had the same idea

it was a beautiful day
with plenty of
 flutterby's & flowers

there were real flutterby's everywhere!

how cute is she!

they landed on hats, faces, pant legs, purses
you name it, it had a butterfly on it!

and there were
paper ones 

plants shaped to look like flutterby's


there were even chairs shaped like butterfly's!

we were each given a little cardboard flower
upon entering that
you used to lure the butterfly's to you
so you could observe them closer

he held the flower so carefully
studied his new little friend

it was so fun to watch everyone
 they were having the best time!

connected to the observatory
is eden park
which offers a
beautiful view of the city

we enjoyed a picnic in the park
 took a stroll around the ponds

these two loved standing on the ledge
making their grampie nervous...*lol*
doesn't it look like if you stepped backwards
you would be a goner!

you wouldn't be

there's a flat area behind the ledge

still made the gramps edgy!

the deppens


the barkers

good food
good company
good times

thanks deppen family

we had a great day!


Monday, June 4, 2012

peas in a pod~

our first pick of sugar snaps
i believe i ate as many as i picked!

the hubs loves home grown peas
the kind in a can....not so much

when our daughter abbey was little
she would make sure to put a spoonful of peas
on his plate

she felt this evened the score for when
he made her try new foods....*lol*

i smile every year when this pea
makes it's garden debut

a gift from my son


Friday, June 1, 2012

i agree......

two heads are better than one!

happy weekending