Saturday, August 27, 2011

a day with the sweet pea~

every week i have the pleasure of spending time
with this wee one... little miss iris
it is one of the highlights of my week
she is one of the new grandkidlets
and by that i mean....
our grandkidlets are kinda divided into
2 groups

the old grandkidlets
the new grandkidlets

the old ones are fun in that they are
potty trained
feed themselves & even feed you sometimes
can help you do any number of things
they figure out things like my
such as
dvd players
phones get the picture

the new ones are fun in they are not yet sassy
they like to be rocked & read to
they take naps
they love you despite
the fact that you have moles
brown spots

there are advantages & disadvantages to both groups

when group one has had enough of your old self
you move to group two
they don't care how old you are!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

what can happen during a bathroom break~

the pixie & i spent the afternoon together

i HAD to go to the bathroom

when i came out

i found this little pixie, with her back to me, 

putting something  in my purse

when i ask her what she was doing

she replied "chapstick"

(we both share the love of chapstick & lipstick)

when she turned around

it was lipstick, not chapstick

 she had ever so precisely put on her little smackers

as i was getting my camera

she was getting my phone

never, ever, ever

a dull moment

when this one is in the house



Monday, August 22, 2011

Still holding on to the south~

if you can't be in the south

bring the south to you!

we had a low country boil on saturday

and what fun it was!

we were concerned about everyone having to sit in the sun
(we live in the middle of the woods, but not one tree around our house)
so the hubs and i came up with this idea~
3 twin sheets sewed together, some tent stakes
and a thing magig the hubs rigged up to hold up the center
worked perfectly!

our decorations consisted of ball jars filled with candles,
sand and seashells from our many trips to the coast
some spanish moss hanging here and there
heavy duty kraft paper
served as our tablecloths
rolls of paper towels
for napkins

the hubs started with potatoes, sausage, onions, garlic, lemon
and old bay seasoning
then added corn
and topped it off with shrimp, crayfish, lobster, crab & crablegs

what low country boil is complete without crabcakes...*lol*
this was also to celebrate my son's 29th birthday
red velvet cake with cream cheese icing
covered with sand (graham cracker crumbs)
and topped with crabs
thank ya Paula Deen
they were dilish

happy birthday douglas!

we put all the food in a screen tent
to keep the flies at bay

it just doesn't get any better than this!
well, if there were an ocean close by
that would have been a little better

good food, good friends, good family
a few goofy folks
(aka the birthday boy)

auntie abbey holding miss iris decked out in crabwear!

lots of family
these two littles ate stuff they weren't too sure about!

full bellies & smiling faces

such fun!
nothing better than everyone gathered around one table
to share a meal~
even the littles got a taste of the south
(he didn't really eat it)

we are fortunate, the hubs & i, to be blessed with
good friends & good family


Monday, August 1, 2011

letting go...

whenever we return from south carolina
i have a hard time letting go...

my mind keeps drifting back
to what once was just a short time ago

i truly believe my soul lives in the south
i yearn for the ocean and all that the south is

i miss the smell of the pluff mud
and the saltiness in the air
i miss the sea oats
all the treasures that can be found
on long walks on the shore

i miss the relaxed slow pace
and the kindness of the people

i even miss the heat & humidity

i do not miss the bridges that connect the islands
i will not drive over them
if we lived there
i would be stuck in mt. pleasant or charleston
until the hubs rescued me

off all things south
the bridges are the only thing i do not miss

thank you sullivans for sending
a ohio girl home refreshed
ready for the autumn leaves to fly

until next year