Wednesday, June 29, 2011

it's the little things~

my daughter and i get together often
sometimes for a meal
but mostly
just because

i always look forward to these get togethers
because there will be
 much talk about
flower beds & vegetable gardens
and pinterest.............
always lots of plans to do the things we've seen on pinterest
and eating
we both enjoy cooking
but most of all
we LOVE eating

i usually fix the main dish and a side
and she brings desserts & salads
and always
 she brings her dad & i ice....

it may sound like such a little thing and it is
 it's the thought behind such a simple gesture
she knows her dad & i love the crunchy ice
that her icemaker churns out
she stands at the fridge for what
must seem like forever
filling a ziplock bag
with crunchy ice
to bring her mom & dad

thank you baby girl
for taking time
to do
little things



Saturday, June 11, 2011

sprouting.....and yes, i blogged again

the hubs & i love sprouts on salads
we've not tried sprouts on
anything besides salad
i would like to but
our area stores rarely carry sprouts
i've wanted to try sprouting so
we would have them whenever we wanted
so when katy over at
had a blog about sprouting
i was thrilled
if you're interested in sprouting
pay her blog a visit
she gives a nice detailed explanation
and has a sweet blog


Friday, June 10, 2011

pin,pin,pin.....i may never blog again~

this is a wall of love notes placed by visitors seeing the balcony
of juliet

(they were placed on the wall with gum)

of romeo & juliet that is~

from our europe trip several years ago

while this picture has nothing at all to do with the

title of this post

i thought it interesting

enough said......

i've been introduced to the world of pinning!

be still my heart

i could & have spent hours looking over

very creative recipes, clothes, sayings, crafts, photos.......

i could go on & on & on

but i won't

take a look yourself