my page of knitting projects~

nutkin fingerless gloves

these were knitted for my daughter last year 2010
nutkin is such a fun pattern to do
i'm a tight knitter so i went up a needle size from the pattern & yarn suggestion

*the teapot in the photo was a christmas gift from the hubby many years ago*

nutkin hand warmers

another nutkin using varigated yarn
another tight knit

these were gifted to my knitting friend Ruby

peapod socks

this pattern was so much fun to do!
until i am comfortable with a new pattern that has a chart,
i run a life line~
a life line is put in by threading a different color yarn and
running it through the first and last row of a chart repeat
 with a yarn needle
(for smaller needles, i use a cross stitch needle instead of a yarn needle)
i use flat dental floss instead of yarn, as it doesn't have fibers to
catch on your working yarn
and, it's minty fresh!

the true color is more apparent in the above picture
panda silk was a wonderful yarn to work with
and it washes & dries very well

toasty handwarmers

i've definetely been on a handwarmer knitting binge
they are so quick, warm & come in handy when using
the phone
or ipod
or camera
this quick knit comes from

this is my most recent knit

looks like a big hat doesn't it

this pattern is from melissa

over at

we were recently blessed

with a grandson, Grayson Thomas Deppen
(Thomas after my dad)

 Grayson all tucked in his little cocoon

several people ask if i knit his little hat

no i did not, volunteers knit a hat for all the newborns

what fun that must be!

and finally off the needles

ta da!

another pair of nutkins

(really i do knit patterns other than nutkin)

colorway is thomas circle

it was very nice yarn to work with!

~our little sweetpea~

iris grace

this picture just makes me want to pick her up

and snuggle, snuggle, snuggle

her little cocoon was knit

using the pattern from

this was a fun pattern to knit!
i did change the toe to that of
the kindness sock

(the kindness sock is also lots of fun to knit)


i also changed the heel
to one that i am more comfortable doing
and that fits my foot so very well
it's really just a short row heel

i have never blocked socks
but these could surely use
a good blocking

the yarn used was a alpaca sox yarn
you can find all the info


still on the needles is this scarf from best scarf ever

i purchased the yarn some time ago with the intention of doing socks
the pattern that i chose did neither the yarn or the socks justice
so frog, frog, frog!
the yarn was purchased from knit it up yarn
it's called freckles
(i even like the name)
i'm super happy with the yarn choice for the pattern
while i have a long way to go
it's an easy pattern to remember and watching all the colors find their place in the yarn is pure fun


i told the girls to pick out a hat for the littles and i would knit it

one of the hardest parts of knitting for me

is picking out the pattern

there are sooooooo many of which to choose

and then you have to choose the yarn


there are soooooo many

this is the pattern that abbey picked out for grayson

it's called aviatrix

if you click on the link you'll see the most adorable little babes!

my version of the aviatrix

cute huh?

even cuter!

grayson & his grammpie