Monday, February 28, 2011

happy birthday to my bestie!

today is my besties birthday

she shares this special day with my dad

i call her saint frannie


she loves animals

has always loved animals


since she was a little girl

while the rest of us were playing with dolls....

she spent her time

tending to her buddies

nothing has changed since she was a little girl

she has a huge heart....this bestie of mine

we share the love of lots of things

 st. patricks day

guys who build molds & drive bikes

floating on boats & in canoes

flowers & food & friends & family


and cake.....we both love cake

wishing you a happy birthday bestie

from my heart to yours

Sunday, February 20, 2011

a cake? well sorta~ and some sayings

it's a rainy, dreary, cold sunday

and for a change, the hubs & i have no where

to go & nothing particular to do


i decide to bake a cake

not just any cake, a yummy chocolate bundt cake

dripping with chocolate glaze


do some knitting on a pair of socks that

i started a few days ago using some beautiful hand dyed yarn

the hubs is watching the race...

"perfect day"

 thought the hubs & i


one of my favorite sayings is

"we make plans & God laughs"

this particular saying sooooooooooooooooo describes my entire day

this is said cake

yep, this is it....this is what it looked like after turning it

out of the bundt cake pan on to the cake plate and

picking off the crust...yep, a crust

while this mess of a cake was baking

and i was happily knitting

 (which turned into unknitting also know as frogging)

i noticed the lack of a sweet scent of

goodness coming from the oven

so i stopped unknitting

(the a puddle of curly yarn)

and went to check the cake

hmmmm, the timer is on

but no heat


we know at one time there was heat

as the cake was baked a little

 (i'm guessing this is when the crust formed)

i turned the heat on and finished baking until the

knife came out clean


i remained optomistic til the end

the cake had about a 1/2 " crust

pies have crust...cakes....not so much

i picked the crust off and put the top on the cake plate

i don't know....i think this makes all the difference in the world don't you?

i said to the hubs, "i should take pictures & blog it"

to which he replied

"you should, not every moment is perfect"

and he's right

ugly as it is, it is very tasty

the socks, well the socks have returned to their previous life

a pretty ball of yarn


and the preview page doesn't work on blogger..

of course it doesn't

on searching ravelry, knitty, etc looking for a new pattern

i came across this saying and thought it fit my day perfectly!

"Courage doesn't always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,

I will try again tomorrow"

and i will


Monday, February 14, 2011

my valentines~

~the hubs~

he liked me so much

he married me on valentines day

31 years ago

shannon, brian, tori, hayden & abby

abbey, adam, adelyn & shelden

douglas & ashlie

 adelyn laine

grayson thomas

our love created 3 more valentines

shannon, abbey, douglas

together with their valentines

adam, ashlie & brian

 7 more valentines were created

shelden, abby, tori, hayden, adelyn, grayson


little miss iris grace who will join us in april

"all because two people fell in love"


happy valentines day

Saturday, February 12, 2011

pretzel goodness~

i love this little double broiler pan

it was a find at ikea for $5 bucks

it fits onto a couple of my pans

and has a nice round bottom

i use 4-5 white almond bark blocks

for about 1/2 pounds of pretzels

put double broiler over a pan of simmering water

to melt the almond bark

dip half the pretzel into the almond bark

sprinkle with a little topping

i used

chopped peanuts

crushed peppermints


teenytiny sprinkles

then lay on wax paper until almond bark is set

eat & enjoy!


Friday, February 11, 2011

two heads are better than one~

another finished project

actually two finished projects


i knitted this hat for the hubs

using fishermans wool

when the grandson saw it

he wanted one as well

it's called the boyfriend hat

it's a simple knit but has interesting decreases on the crown

you can find the pattern here

"my goofballs"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

living in black & white


since early december

we've been living in a black & white world

when i look out the window

i feel like i'm in a ansel adams photo

we've had snow on the ground

nearly everyday since early december

all of this gray & white has made me

feel the need for some color in our world

a touch of spring & summer if you will

wishing you a quick return of color


Monday, February 7, 2011


these gobblers have been circling the house all day

i've counted 8 so far

i've been keeping jesse (our border collie) in the house

as she thinks it's her job to keep them off her property

she's hasn't gotten a hold of one.........yet

i think she might get a wound or two if she were to get too close

she seems content to run them to the edge of the woods

come back to the porch and keep a watchful eye


Saturday, February 5, 2011

our newest joy~

~* grayson *~

i know, i know


i could go on & on


his mama reports

 he is a very good baby

(and i agree!)

the beautiful blue blankie

 he is nestled in

was made especially for him

by his grandma angie


Thursday, February 3, 2011

with sticks & string~

this has been such a fun knit!

it is called  Nutkin

i have one sock done and i'm almost to the toe

on the second sock

 the color is Thomas Circle

and has been wonderful to work with

the color didn't show up well in this picture

it is a blend of dark gray, black & light gray

it's a superwash merino and oh so soft

rather than your typical top ribbing

it has the cutest folded over top

there is also a version of nutkin handwarmer

both patterns can be found on


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

darn blogger!

using blogger
is enough to make me give up blogging!
the previous post had links
none of which showed up on the post

the links were:


and the winner is.....

As you might have seen in my last post
was having a give away
I entered a soup recipe
One of my favorite
She & Big Bob the Builder had a clever way of choosing the winner (me!)


Thanks Sherri!