Thursday, March 25, 2010

Projects from sticks and string

~our library has a knitting group~
we meet every tuesday for several hours
of knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, embroidery,
and whatever project you want to work on
we also enjoy homemade goodies, tea and companionship
~nutkin handwarmers~
this is my second pair of these
i really like the pattern, but i'm truly ready
to be done with these and to move on
to other projects
~a baby sweater~
miss Ruth is doing such a fantastic job
on this little sweater
truth be told, she does a fantastic job
on anything she attempts
and always has the most joyful smile
on her face
~a tiny doll bed blanket knitted using crochet thread~
this tiny treasure is being worked by Megan
she is 10 years old and has the ability to
knit or crochet most anything!
she is home schooled making it possible for
her to join our group
~a toddler sweater~
rachel, ruthie's mom whipped up this toddler sweater
for her new grandson
she too, is multi talented with
thread, needle, hook and
great conversation!

tuesday.....knitting day, is one of my favorite
days of the week, not only because
i get to spend several hours working
on a project
because i get to spend time with
some really great folks

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