Wednesday, October 20, 2010

cookie tuesday & barbara is back~

mexican hot chocolate cookies
martha's cookie jar
featured in
everyday food

if you haven't tried this recipe
i highly recommend it
it's a good cocoa cookie
rolled in a mixture
and chili powder, yes, chili powder!

i almost omitted the chili powder as
it was optional
i'm glad i didn't

if you would like the recipe
you can find it here

we enjoyed these cookies
with a few pots of tea
at our tuesday knitting group

we're happy to welcome back
she summers in canada then
joins us in the fall & winter
we enjoy hearing
all about her adventures
to see what is in her knitting basket


1 comment:

Sherri B. said...

Now this sounds very interesting, I will be taking a serious look at this recipe! Thanks.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.