Tuesday, November 2, 2010

just a few of my favorites~

our day began, not with traditional pictures

but a ultrasound dvd and ultrasound pictures of our grandaughter

who is due to arrive in april

it was a 3D ultrasound

and the view was amazing!

we watched her rub her little eyes

suck her tiny little thumb

move about & flip & flop

so very, very sweet

we can't wait to meet her!

then of course

our thoughts turned to food

we enjoyed veggie soup, homemade bread & salad

then off to the woods to take pictures

we took pictures...lots & lots of pictures

we finished the day with more food

warm molasses cookies

(well of course we did, it's a family thing, it's what we do)




Sherri B. said...

What a true blessing to be able to see her like that..how thrilling!

The Barker's said...

awww...it was a fabulous day and the pictures turned out great =) Thanks again for spoiling us with your wonderful cooking and your photography talents!

Heather said...

Hooray! What a neat experience... the ultrasounds these days are so amazingly detailed. And the photos are just beautiful... lovely couple:)