Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the love of a clothesline...

hanging clothes on the line
is one of my little joys in life
when we moved to our
little cabin on the hill
one of the first things we did
was to get a clothesline in place
not prepared for the wind on a hill
and having "city clothespins"
i found many of my clothes laying
on the woodpile and in the lane
i began the hunt for heavy duty clothespins
during her thursday garage sale day
my bestie came through with a nice
assortment of "country clothespins"
since their use, not a piece of clothing
has been found off the line


besties...another joy in life



The Barker's said...

Don't forget about the fresh rain water smell =) I'm anxious to have a house with a yard to have my very own clothes line =) the condo association frowns upon hanging clothes off of our deck ;)

Lola Nova said...

Oh yes, laundry on the line is indeed a joy, love the photos.

As for chickens...
We have three hens as we are in the city limits that is how many we are allowed without a permit. We usually get 3 eggs a day which is plenty for our little family, plus some to share. If you are getting baby chicks, the most intensive time is before they go out to the coop, making sure they are warm and fed and watered but, it doesn't take a big investment other than a little time. Building the coop is another matter, still we found it a fun experience. There is very little work I have found in raising chickens, we love them! I would absolutely recommend getting chickens, start with a smaller flock to keep from getting overwhelmed. We are also not allowed to have roosters within the city limits and, if you don't want to hatch and sell baby chicks, there isn't a need for one.

This link is quite helpful :http://www.backyardchickens.com/

I hope that helped, have a great evening!

ImplausibleYarn said...

And the way your clothes smell so good when they've been hanging outside. Like breeze and sunshine. So nice.

Cathy said...

Tag - you're it!!