Monday, July 19, 2010

it''s a beach thing....

 we just returned from the beach...

it was a great week even though it began with

jeep trouble

we are 15 minutes from our destination

when the hubs noticed smoke billowing

from the driver side wheel

we pulled into a station


sure enough


 lots and lots of smoke

 was indeed coming from our wheel

fearing a fire would follow the smoke

i went inside to ask for a fire extinguisher

only to be told,


can't let you use it

it can't be taken outside of the building

long story short,

the smoke subsided

AAA was called,

said  jeep was now on a hook

on her way to be repaired

3 1/2 hours and $560 later

our vacation continued

the upside to this story is

no one was hurt
repairs could be made (although costly)

the remainder of our trip

went well

wonderful actually!

we spent a day at sullivans island

where finding sand dollars and starfish were the norm

we enjoyed lunch with the locals

there were soooooo many starfish
too many to count!

they were placed back on the sand bar
after their photo shoot

what a goof ball this kid is!

all in all, it was a most wonderful day

spent in a beautiful place

with people we love



Lola Nova said...

Sorry to hear about your jeep trouble, it seems to always end up expensive. So glad no one was harmed.
Love your pictures of the beach, sounds like you had a lovely time in the end!

The Barker's said...

We had the best time and I'm so happy we could spend the week with you both!!!!