Sunday, August 1, 2010

life is fine on tybee island...

we made it!

we left the hill around 10:00 pm

and arrived in Savannah around noon the next day

addy did well

i think shelden and i whined more than she did

we haven't been here long enough to explore the

area just yet

we are spending the day

at the beach today

and perhaps do some wondering this evening

this kid got a taste of sea water at around  9 months

he's been hooked ever since

miss addy

being a newbie at walking

she's not so sure about walking on the sand


she's been crawling

more about this little island later



  thanks to everyone for the

"happy birthday wishes"

when we return to the hill, we're going to have a get together

to catch up

to celebrate

new jobs

new family additions


sorry we haven't been in touch we've been island hopping

get together

we hope you'll join us


1 comment:

The Barker's said...

It looks wonderful!!!! Shelden has always been a little fish and I think addie will be too! Funny how she's unsure of walking on the sand =) Keep the posts coming! I'm anxious to see how your trip is going! Glad you had a great birthday!!!! We're up for the party =)