Saturday, August 7, 2010

we're off to Savannah!

we woke early and headed to Savannah to have a girls day


celebrate my birthday

 (most of you know him as adam)

being a  sweet guy and also knowing

babs was in need of some time to herself

watched over the kidlets

allowing us to share

a relaxing & fun day

we learned quickly while in tybee & savannah

parking is an issue

it's expensive & a bit of a hassle

the meter wouldn't take our one dollar bills

it wouldn't take babs credit card

or my debit card

we dug a little deeper in our wallets

and found different one dollar bills that it would take

after fighting with said meter,

we were headed down the streets of savannah

we walked river street along the harbor

shopped all the little shops

and enjoyed a wonderful

birthday lunch

we watched the boats come into and depart from the harbor

it was a perfect birthday!

thanks babs


1 comment:

The Barker's said...

looks wonderful! Glad you had a wonderful birthday!!!