Monday, February 14, 2011

my valentines~

~the hubs~

he liked me so much

he married me on valentines day

31 years ago

shannon, brian, tori, hayden & abby

abbey, adam, adelyn & shelden

douglas & ashlie

 adelyn laine

grayson thomas

our love created 3 more valentines

shannon, abbey, douglas

together with their valentines

adam, ashlie & brian

 7 more valentines were created

shelden, abby, tori, hayden, adelyn, grayson


little miss iris grace who will join us in april

"all because two people fell in love"


happy valentines day


The Barker's said...

You have a way with words! Very touching! Happy valentine's day!!

Sherri B. said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentines Day!!

Heather@myeverydaygraces said...

*sigh* that is such a sweet post:) Pure wonderfulness!

Lola Nova said...

Oh, what a wonderful post and a beautiful way to think of it. I hope you had a very happy valentines and anniversary!

Bonnie said...

aw, I loved this sweet! and that little new born, oh my he's cute!!

Erin Wallace said...

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Anniversary! Lots and lots of love to you.