Saturday, February 12, 2011

pretzel goodness~

i love this little double broiler pan

it was a find at ikea for $5 bucks

it fits onto a couple of my pans

and has a nice round bottom

i use 4-5 white almond bark blocks

for about 1/2 pounds of pretzels

put double broiler over a pan of simmering water

to melt the almond bark

dip half the pretzel into the almond bark

sprinkle with a little topping

i used

chopped peanuts

crushed peppermints


teenytiny sprinkles

then lay on wax paper until almond bark is set

eat & enjoy!



Sherri B. said...

I was just starting my list of ingredients to pick up for my Valentines goodies. These look perfect for my Mr. to take to work on Monday..and easy too! Thanks.

barker.233 said...

Looks delicious ! - Great pictures