Friday, June 10, 2011

pin,pin,pin.....i may never blog again~

this is a wall of love notes placed by visitors seeing the balcony
of juliet

(they were placed on the wall with gum)

of romeo & juliet that is~

from our europe trip several years ago

while this picture has nothing at all to do with the

title of this post

i thought it interesting

enough said......

i've been introduced to the world of pinning!

be still my heart

i could & have spent hours looking over

very creative recipes, clothes, sayings, crafts, photos.......

i could go on & on & on

but i won't

take a look yourself

1 comment:

Sherri B. said...

I got an invite but then they wanted me to sign in using Facebook or twitter and I don't have either but will soon have to succumb so I can go pinning too.

Have a nice weekend. xo