Wednesday, June 29, 2011

it's the little things~

my daughter and i get together often
sometimes for a meal
but mostly
just because

i always look forward to these get togethers
because there will be
 much talk about
flower beds & vegetable gardens
and pinterest.............
always lots of plans to do the things we've seen on pinterest
and eating
we both enjoy cooking
but most of all
we LOVE eating

i usually fix the main dish and a side
and she brings desserts & salads
and always
 she brings her dad & i ice....

it may sound like such a little thing and it is
 it's the thought behind such a simple gesture
she knows her dad & i love the crunchy ice
that her icemaker churns out
she stands at the fridge for what
must seem like forever
filling a ziplock bag
with crunchy ice
to bring her mom & dad

thank you baby girl
for taking time
to do
little things




Sherri B. said...

Ohh, how very sweet. It really is the little things like that. xo

ANDIGAL said...

How wonderful. It is indeed these things in life that make a good life!