Saturday, March 24, 2012

almost mittens~

my intentions were good

really they were

i gifted my "otherdaughter"
{my besties daughter}

for her january birthday

her choice of mittens & yarn

here is what she chose

i love, love, love the color
it's called
persian peacock
although on my monitor it looks
more blue

the pattern is from kelly porpiglia
and the yarn is
lambs pride

i wasn't too sure about the yarn in the beginning
as it had a itchy feel to it
the more i knit the softer it became
and in the end
i loved it

while here in ohio we've been having more
summer like weather than spring
we have been known to have snow in april
not that i'm wishing for snow,
but you know
you do like to wear a new pair of mittens

ps to jessie......almost done!



Sherri B. said...

They look sooo deliciously comfy and they do come across a peacock blue on my monitor, really very pretty. - We had about 3 inches of snow at the City House on Thursday and by the afternoon it was gone and yesterday was in the 50's at the Little House..crazy!

So good to see you again my sweet friend! xxxooo

The Barker's said...

They are so pretty!!!

GypsyJess said...

Oooh I can't wait to try them on! They're so amazing looking:) I couldn't have a better othermother :D maybe ill have the A/C on low this summer so I can wear them! Lol