Thursday, March 29, 2012

awwwww......spring is in the air!

here in ohio

we've not only had a very mild winter

(yeah for only burning half of our wood!)

but we are having a beautiful warm sunny spring

the blue containers are what our store bought mushrooms are packaged in

(mushroom hunting is around the corner!)

while i dislike styrofoam

we do reuse them


they do make great homes for seedlings

we moved the seedlings into new homes

and from this home

they will go to the garden

where they will grow into 

yummy batches of pesto


tomato everything!   

the end of fall is my least favorite flower bed time

all the left over spent flowers that need dead headed

weeds that snuck into the beds

and leaves that have blown in and made their homes

and it all has to be cleaned up before you can 

plant bulbs

this past fall was rather nice though

and my efforts paid off

yeah for not being lazy in the fall



Sherri B. said...

You are way ahead of me..I haven't even put my seeds to soil yet, but I did 'talk' to my sister about it this morning if that counts, haha!

Your tulips are lovely, I bet you almost forgot about planting them and had a nice surprise when they came up!

Have a nice spring weekend, my sweet friend! xo

cpcable said...

Oh, seeing those seedlings is so inspiring!

urban muser said...

yay for spring!

urban muser said...

Hi, I am back to respond to your question about the iphone help. I wrote this post last year on Mortal Muses, a collaborative blog that I participate in with several other women. Check it out, maybe it will help a little, good luck!!

Jesse said...

Hi Katiebee!! I couldn't find an email address on your profile page...but you were one of the winners of my beverage sweaters!! Please email me so I can send you your prize :) starshineluck at