Sunday, August 12, 2012

a visit with our bestie~

my daughter & i took the two littles


the big one

to our bestie's

 little farm

i call terri st. francie

as she is a lover of all things animal

(aren't her little barns adorable!)

she let the littles pet, brush & love on her babies

then she treated shelden to a ride on her big baby

he has never been on a horse before!

i believe the first words out of his mouth were

"mom....can we get a horse?"


while they were walking about

the littles made some new friends

(one little made some friends, the other was uncertain of all this animal business)

she hung back and observed 

and did a little photography

this little wasn't afraid of anything

thanks for treating us to a day of fun!

we love ya!


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