Thursday, August 23, 2012

our garden harvest~

our garden has struggled this year

but we are grateful for the food it has produced

we continue to get tomatoes & kale

the peppers are almost done but produced enough to pickle a batch

the egg plant looks as though we'll get 4 or 5 more

this was our first year planting corn & while we have fought with the raccoons

we have been enjoying some very sweet corn

sadly,  we won't have enough to put up because we keep eating it!

our first planting of green beans was lost to the heat but.....

a big thanks goes out to our friend rich for giving us his surplus of green beans

he & my mom even helped me snap & can the beans!

~i am one lucky girl~

the hubs re-planted beans so 

we're keeping our fingers crossed that fall doesn't come too quickly & we'll have more beans to can

rich also gave us apples & my daughter & i  canned several pints of applesauce

i can't tell you how thrilled i am that she loves growing & canning as much as my mom & i!

she helped me can grape jelly from our concord grapes...our first harvest!

so we traded jam for apples...a fair trade indeed!

nothing smells as delicious as concord grapes

we planted pimento peppers for the first time 

and they are doing well

i've been looking up recipes & idea's of how to can them 

having our own canned pimento's to add to our homemade pimento spread

 would make it extra special

all in all, considering we've had very little rain this season

our garden will feed us into the winter

a huge thanks

 to my mom for passing onto me her love of canning

and to rich for sharing his bounty

and to my sweet girl for always helping out her mom & dad

how did your garden do this year?


1 comment:

Sherri B. said...

Everything looks so healthy and such vivid colors in spite of your lack of rain.

How fun to can with your daughter, it makes it extra special.

Have a wonderful weekend my friend! xo