Friday, October 26, 2012

~my gal friday~
addy has been visiting and playing office
don't ya love the phone!
it works and we still use it
i unplugged it so she would have a phone in her office
don't ya love how she placed the receiver on the cradle
i could have used a gal friday the past few weeks
my HP computer has been giving me fits
fits i tell ya!
HP has been in possession of my "new" computer more than i have
it has been reformatted or taken back to factory system restore
no less than 3 times and i've only owned it since may of this year
with all the trips back to HP & their many repairs & replacement of parts,
(and lame excuses)
it still acts silly sometimes and i don't at all trust it
i'm stuck with it
i bought an external hard drive to back up my info
i have to have a little tiny computer to put all the info that's on the big computer
just in case the big computer goes kaput
i had to have rusty from our " local computer fix it place"
come out and show me how to back up & save all my info onto the little computer
so that in the event the big computer goes on the blink again
i will have all my information safe & sound
(now the geek at best buy just plug it in and it will prompt you what to do)
it most certainly did not
it surely has me it worth it?????
it's worth it for pinterest alone
however with that said....listen up people
because my HP computer has proven to be unreliable
(nothing like losing all your vacation pictures)
 to make you do what they have been telling you to do all along
for the time being
i think things are ok
i've missed everyone & everything in blogland
have you missed me?
after previewing this post, i'm thinking i sound a bit psychotic
do i  come across as psychotic when you read this?  did i spell psychotic correctly?
having computer problems day after day makes me that way
thanks Hewett Packard!


fay773 said...

I hope anyone considering buying a HP reads this and RECONSIDERS!!!!

Katiebee said...

Awww thanks mom!

Lap Dog Knits said...

computers...often times the source of my headaches
thankgoodness for young people who often come to my rescue
I have Dell and Mac - at work I know the answer, quit work!!!

Andi G said...

I missed you and was getting ready to send out an alert!
Ugh, I hate computer issues. I especially hate it when computer tech people, try to walk you through it. I say to them just fix it. I am grumpy that way. heh.
Glad you are back and I adore the office that Miss Addy has.