Thursday, October 4, 2012


lovin this book!
you can get it from amazon for $15.00
it's worth every penny
i've made several things from it and have loved them all
this week i made the toaster pastries
pop tarts as my kids called them
much better than pop hard crust or sticky filling
no preservatives or unknown  ingredients
just yummy homemade goodness
they went together very well
i filled them with our homemade strawberry freezer jam
and gave them a dusting of powdered sugar
such a treat in the morning


Sherri B. said...

They are so much prettier than the store bought too, and, let's not forget that extra special ingredient that you put in.....a heaping portion of 'love'! xo

Jesse said...

I am going to look for this book! It's always so nice to have homemade versions :)