Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it STOP ALREADY!!!!!!!

We're on the tail end of a winter storm!  Our county is under a level 3, meaning stay off the roads or risk getting a ticket.  We have about a foot of snow and on top of that, today we're suppose to have high winds and temperatures in the single digits.  It's a good snow for snowball fights and snow people building...only problem being, it's too cold to do either!  The hubs has been out since 8:00 am plowing the lane.  We're not going anywhere, we're not expecting anyone.....I'm thinking he justs like to play in the snow~

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Doug and Ashlie Barker said...

Love your pictures!!!! Your scenery is so much prettier than ours! According to my grandma, since the first snow in December was on the 7th, we are supposed to have 7 snows (ground covers) and this one yesterday was the 7th! Hopefully, we can start to see tulips and daffodils starting to pop up soon!