Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is for you Barbara...we miss you!

We have a little stitching group at our local library. Thank you Nancy for allowing us to meet at the library and providing such a nice place for us to get together.  There is so much creativity and talent for such a small group. There is rug hooking, embroidery, dress making, crocheting and knitting.  There is also a lot cookie consuming, tea drinking and chatting.    We've missed getting together the past two weeks due to snow.  Not everyone was there today so I have only a few pictures.

Miss Ruby...she's working on a dress for this summer.
She also has an embroidery project in the making and an afghan.
She also wants to learn how to knit.  All of her sewing is done on a
treadle machine.

Miss Ruth...she's a rug hooker and has an embroidery project going on as well.
She also is multi-talented! She sews as well and today, was working on
some knitting.

Nothing ornery about these two!

Meet Rachel & Rex....She's the mom of these great kids.  Rex was our cookie tester today~
Rachel is working on not one, but two sweaters!  One for herself and
one for a grandchild on the way.
(don't you love the teapot!)
It belongs to Barbara who is the organizer of our
group.  She's vacationing in New Mexico and we're anxious for her return.

There are several others in our group, but they couldn't join us today.
Hopefully when the weather breaks, everyone will join us again!


Doug and Ashlie Barker said...

looks like fun! =)

paige said...

sounds like a great group!

Lola Nova said...

The group sounds great and you all look like you having a good time together! What busy hands you all have.

Floss said...

What a lovely thing to be able to join together like that, and in a library too! The best of both worlds...

Thanks for popping by my blog - I hope you enjoy a fondue night soon!