Thursday, May 27, 2010

organization is the key....

this mess is my spice drawer

for christmas
babs gifted me with this wonderful label maker

the little containers are from addy's organic baby food
which have now been recyled & reused




Lola Nova said...

Your before photo looks so much neater than my spice drawer! I've been meaning to give it an overhaul but, it's a long way down the priority list.
I love your after shot and your re-use of those containers is fantastic! Now I want a label maker :)

Doug and Ashlie Barker said...

Love it!!! It looks so much easier and more organized!!! Plus, you are recycling! Woohoo!

cpcable said...

The order to this is so very calming to me. I love seeing all the same-sized containers lined up with their labels. Nice work!

Chasity @ The Intertwined Life said...

I'm a new follower via the Bunny Hop over at Dropped Stitches. I'm a knitter too ... looking forward to reading more of your blog!