Monday, May 24, 2010

you are a member of what?

we get this question a lot!

we belong to a wine case club

all that really means

when we buy a case of wine,

we get a stamp on our card

after we purchase 10 cases

we get 6 bottles free

now mind you...

we've been members for




and we've yet to get our 10 stamps


we've had a lot of help

our daughter in law, her co-workers & her friends

we do "wine runs" for them as the winery doesn't sell

in the area where they live

this spring the winery hosted a "case club party"

we enjoyed lunch, entertainment & a wine tasting

the winery at versailles

we were each given a wine glass
and a ticket to try their new wines

there were lines...


but it was worth the wait

as members, we are also

 given a 20% discount
of course a stamp on our card

only two cases to go!


1 comment:

Doug and Ashlie Barker said...

Don't lie to the world, Kate! You have only been members for 3 months *lol* You bunch of wino's! j/k =) They have the best wine and highly recommend everyone giving them a try! I'm so anxious to try the new wine you found. You should bring a bottle this weekend while the boys are working on our kitchen. You and I can drink on the deck and get some sun while the boys work hard hehe =)