Saturday, January 1, 2011

so long sad toaster

this is my "car wreck" of a toaster

it's a sad little appliance

it has stuff burned on it,
i've dropped it twice and one side is falling off
the crumb tray is bent & won't stay closed
so everytime i pick it up
crumbs fall out the bottom onto the counter
the floor
but the darn thing just keeps on toasting!
i dislike throwing anything away that works
so i keep using it and then hide it away in
the cabinet

this year for Christmas
my son & daughter in law
gifted me with this shiny new toaster

i love whole grain toast with a smear of peanut butter,
(this honey is exceptional, picked up on our trip to Savannah from the Savannah Bee Company)
and a sprinkling of sunflower seeds
pair that with a cup of constant comment tea with honey
it's one of my favorite snacks

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Heather@myeverydaygraces said...

...and hello gorgeous! She is a beauty, and your breakfast arrangement looks so yummy. Happy New Year, Katie:)

Sherri B. said...

Nice new toaster! Your old one looks just like the one at our house in Vancouver, but not as trustworthy as yours. I love a crisp toast so it has to be put down several times. Yours is so pretty..hmm, I think I will look into a new one too...Happy New Year!

The Barker's said...

poor poor toaster! I'll expect to find that packaged in next year's while elephant exchange =) Glad you like your new one!

Erin Wallace said...

This is funny and reminds me of our toaster and can opener. They are both sad and look dirty even though they are clean. But they work, so I can justify getting a new one!

Bonnie said...

your poor old toaster! I think we've all had one of those at one time or another. I think I need a new one too!