Sunday, July 24, 2011

vacation is over.......sigh~

this summer led us to sullivan's island, south carolina for
12 wonderful days

we made it to the beach every day

we enjoyed
several road trips to charleston
which included walks to the
city market
the battery
waterfront park
rainbow row
some really good places
for lunch

sullivans island is also the name of
dorthea benton franks
first book

Sullivan's Island

sullivans is a little island that is divided by stations
we spent many of our days at station 21

we also went to folly beach
which is beautiful as well

folly beach is the title of
dorthea benton franks
newest book
(starting to see a connection here?)

Folly Beach

i haven't had the opportunity to read this latest book
(perhaps this would be a good kindle choice)
but we sure enjoyed the beach

we walked and walked along the shore
looking for treasures

we spent a couple of hours walking & exploring
only to come back to this...


we knew the tide was coming in
but we were so mesmerized by
the beauty of all that folly beach is
that ......

we forgot about our little beach front property!



The Barker's said...

*sigh* i love SC!!!

Sherri B. said...'re sure lucky you got back when you did or you may have been thinking someone 'stole' your stuff, hahahaha! There is nothing I love more than vacationing at the beach! xo

Erin Wallace said...

It looks so dreamy there. I'm going to plan a vacation there one of these days (a vacation sounds dreamy, too.)