Monday, August 1, 2011

letting go...

whenever we return from south carolina
i have a hard time letting go...

my mind keeps drifting back
to what once was just a short time ago

i truly believe my soul lives in the south
i yearn for the ocean and all that the south is

i miss the smell of the pluff mud
and the saltiness in the air
i miss the sea oats
all the treasures that can be found
on long walks on the shore

i miss the relaxed slow pace
and the kindness of the people

i even miss the heat & humidity

i do not miss the bridges that connect the islands
i will not drive over them
if we lived there
i would be stuck in mt. pleasant or charleston
until the hubs rescued me

off all things south
the bridges are the only thing i do not miss

thank you sullivans for sending
a ohio girl home refreshed
ready for the autumn leaves to fly

until next year



Sherri B. said...

I know just the heart tugging you all talking about. We haven't been able to, but for many years, every summer, we would go for our vacation to Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast, to the same oceanfront home we started going to when the children were very small. As soon as we got home we would start planning the next visit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your seaside visit. xo

urban muser said...

i've been to sullivan's island. years ago. loved it.

Erin Wallace said...

Sounds so lovely.

ANDIGAL said...

What beautiful memories, love!