Saturday, August 27, 2011

a day with the sweet pea~

every week i have the pleasure of spending time
with this wee one... little miss iris
it is one of the highlights of my week
she is one of the new grandkidlets
and by that i mean....
our grandkidlets are kinda divided into
2 groups

the old grandkidlets
the new grandkidlets

the old ones are fun in that they are
potty trained
feed themselves & even feed you sometimes
can help you do any number of things
they figure out things like my
such as
dvd players
phones get the picture

the new ones are fun in they are not yet sassy
they like to be rocked & read to
they take naps
they love you despite
the fact that you have moles
brown spots

there are advantages & disadvantages to both groups

when group one has had enough of your old self
you move to group two
they don't care how old you are!



The Barker's said...

There is nothing better than a day with that sweet baby!!!! She loves her nana time and we're thankful that you come to watch her!!!

Sherri B. said...

O.K...If I didn't have the cutest grandchildren then I would have to say "That is the sweetest face in the world"! xxoo

Michelle said...

What a beauty! Love the dimples. Babies are such a joy to be around...especially when you can give them back to the parents when you are!

cpcable said...

Such a sweet baby!