Wednesday, August 24, 2011

what can happen during a bathroom break~

the pixie & i spent the afternoon together

i HAD to go to the bathroom

when i came out

i found this little pixie, with her back to me, 

putting something  in my purse

when i ask her what she was doing

she replied "chapstick"

(we both share the love of chapstick & lipstick)

when she turned around

it was lipstick, not chapstick

 she had ever so precisely put on her little smackers

as i was getting my camera

she was getting my phone

never, ever, ever

a dull moment

when this one is in the house




Sherri B. said...

How cute is that, what a little dolly !!!

The Barker's said...

Love her!!!

urban muser said...

so sweet.

ANDIGAL said...

Oh the pixie is absolutely the most adorable wee one ever!