Monday, May 7, 2012

around the hill~

we have hose issues
we have plants that need water
on both ends of our house
but only one hose spigot  
on the north end of the house
where the plants
seldom need water
as it is the shady cool side of the house

we have hoses running everywhere
and hose guides to keep the
hoses from smashing the plants

i'm not sure where this idea came from
could have been a gardening magazine
or online
i told the hubs 
and he whipped it right up
he's a handy like that
it gives us a place to hang the hose
a place to put a towel
and a little storage cubby for hose nozzles
bird bath brushes
and so on
thanks for the bucket mom!

seedlings getting hardened off 
and waiting to take their place
in the garden


(ohio's safe planting date)

one of our
our favorite places



Sherri B. said...

Wherever that idea came from it sure is clever! We have the very same problem with only one spigot. We found an attachment that goes on the faucet that you can put 5 hoses on, still have the hoses going all over like you do though. - Love your sweet porch. xo

Lap Dog Knits said...

how wonderful you yard looks...
I love your it!

We have hoses too - ours are wrapped inside the buckets on the ground but I like your idea better - I may have to add this to my "honey do" list

Unknown said...

I love the garden hose idea!! It's so cute!!! Our hose gets rolled into circles on the ground...

We are still anxiously waiting to plant our seedlings outside too! I'm not sure when our "safe" date is, but I do know it's been getting very chilly at night still!

urban muser said...

that's a clever little hose thingie that your hubs made!

cpcable said...

Great idea for your hose! We're almost to plantin' time!

Andi G said...

I think one of those chairs has my name on. Think I will head on over and we can knit on that lovely porch!