Wednesday, May 2, 2012

sand box shots~

sand & tutu's.....not a good mix!

jacob loved playing in the box!

iris did very well for her first time in!

nothing cuter than toddler pigs~

grayson's new favorite place!

thanks grampie for building us such a great sandbox!



The Barker's said...

Such cute pictures!! Iris loved it but not at first haha

Linda Morse said...

Thank you for putting these pictures on here for us to see. I loved all of them and enjoy seeing your family having such a good time. Also, all the colors in the pictures from their clothes really made it fun. Loved the "tu tu"*:))
Love you guys - thanks for sharing.

cpcable said...

Adorable kiddos! Everyone's wearing their good clothes to play in the saind!

urban muser said...

really cute shots. i love that little tutu!