Monday, May 14, 2012

the iris are in bloom~

love the frillyness of this one
i think it might be my favorite

but i also like this one
such a pretty shade of purple
maybe this is my favorite

this is so unique
perhaps this is my favorite

but this one has two shades of purple
i think maybe this one is the favorite

but wait.....

there's just one more...

ah ha!

this is definitely the one 

this is my favorite iris!



The Barker's said...

This made me smile and laugh!! She is everyone's favorite Iris =). Had fun yesterday!!! Can't wait for memorial day! =)

Sherri B. said...

I think that the last 'Iris' is my favorite too, what a little doll! - The flowers are lovely and the first frilly one is a new one for me, I have never seen that beauty before.

Have a great week my friend! xxoo

Jesse said...

I love irises! When I was growing up, our neighbor had the most beautiful flower garden, and she mostly grew irises! Your Iris is darling :)

urban muser said...

i love irises! beautiful shots.

Andi G said...

Those are my favorite flowers. Growing up my Dad's gardne was amazing with all his beautiful Iris. Yours are beautiful!

cpcable said...

Gorgeous flowers! I too love irises. And what a lovely little lady as well. :)