Wednesday, June 13, 2012

cute tea bag tags & coffee or tea?

coffee or tea ?
for me...both!

i love coffee in the morning
sweet tea the rest of the day

we drink sweet tea around here
winter or summer

i haven't made sun tea in ages~
i think because i didn't have a big ole jar to put it in
thanks to my mom, i now have one!
thanks mom!
( if you need something, just ask her, most likely she'll have it, find it or go hunt for it ) 

i've never noticed until today
the cute tags on the tea bags!
the tea brand is luzianne

the recipe 

2 family size luzianne ice tea- tea bags
7-8 cups of water
let sit in the sun for several hours
or until fairly dark
remove tea bags
add as much sugar as you like
1/4 cup if you're from the north
1/2 cup if you're from the south
or as abbey says...
keep adding sugar till it taste like your hummingbird water!

sometimes we add mint & lemon 
sometimes we throw in a peach

stir & enjoy


Sherri B. said...

Those are such cute tags! I think that we found that brand of tea in Portland a long time sounds familiar. - We drink our iced tea just plain but have sugar in our hot tea (?).

Have a great, rest of the week...I'm off to to see if I can get that tea around here.

Big hug to you my friend. xo

Jesse said...

I love sun tea! I haven't had any for awhile, I think it'd be a good idea to make some this summer!

And I love the tea tags!! A nice touch :)

Hope you have a great week, it's almost the weekend!

cpcable said...

Oh, my mom is the same way! I have to be careful about what I mention to her, because if I even hint that I'm searching for something, she'll take on the task and hunt it down! :)

Jane said...

I am so not a sweet tea person. It's funny how differently everyone likes their tea. Thanks for the heads up on the banner. It helped a lot!