Friday, June 8, 2012

flutterbys ~

or so my children called them when they were small~

i love a conservatory!
i was so excited
when abbey suggested we take a trip
to cincy for the butterfly exhibition
at krohn conservatory

we picked a day through the week
when neither hub had to work
and the kids
were out of school

our thinking was
it wouldn't be as busy
through the week


lots of others had the same idea

it was a beautiful day
with plenty of
 flutterby's & flowers

there were real flutterby's everywhere!

how cute is she!

they landed on hats, faces, pant legs, purses
you name it, it had a butterfly on it!

and there were
paper ones 

plants shaped to look like flutterby's


there were even chairs shaped like butterfly's!

we were each given a little cardboard flower
upon entering that
you used to lure the butterfly's to you
so you could observe them closer

he held the flower so carefully
studied his new little friend

it was so fun to watch everyone
 they were having the best time!

connected to the observatory
is eden park
which offers a
beautiful view of the city

we enjoyed a picnic in the park
 took a stroll around the ponds

these two loved standing on the ledge
making their grampie nervous...*lol*
doesn't it look like if you stepped backwards
you would be a goner!

you wouldn't be

there's a flat area behind the ledge

still made the gramps edgy!

the deppens


the barkers

good food
good company
good times

thanks deppen family

we had a great day!


1 comment:

Sherri B. said...

Katie, what a wonderful experience, the little ones probably didn't know quite what to do with them.

You are so fortunate to have been able to go there, thanks for sharing it with us...lovely photos too! xo