Monday, June 4, 2012

peas in a pod~

our first pick of sugar snaps
i believe i ate as many as i picked!

the hubs loves home grown peas
the kind in a can....not so much

when our daughter abbey was little
she would make sure to put a spoonful of peas
on his plate

she felt this evened the score for when
he made her try new foods....*lol*

i smile every year when this pea
makes it's garden debut

a gift from my son



Lola Nova said...

I am jealous of your peas! We planted ours much too late this year and I don't think we'll get any. Love your pea sculpture!

Sherri B. said...

I'm like Lola Nova..jealous, I forgot to plant mine, that's why we won't get any, haha! Great sculpture! xxoo

cpcable said...

Yum! We haven't had any peas yet this season, so I'm drooling over yours!