Wednesday, July 4, 2012

she sells sea shells by the sea shore...or....he found some really great shells!

boy.....a week sure goes by quickly when on the beach!

this year found us returning to sullivans island

station 21


as always

it did not disappoint

those are some pretty ominous clouds in the backgroud

doesn't look much like vacations skies does it?

the clouds did pass as they so often do in the south

the weather prediction for the week showed

only two days of rain...yeah!

sullivans island is complete


a few restaurants & a coffee shop

a art gallery

a lighthouse

fort moultrie

a library 

a gas station

and that's about it!

it's quiet & quaint

just what we like in our home away from home

you need only cross the draw bridge in to mount pleasant

and they have every thing one could think of

we crossed several times to eat at our favorite place

page's okra grill.....yummmmmmm

the hubs & i both love to eat there for breakfast

he loves their pancakes

i love their shrimp & grits

creamy, shrimpy, spicy southern goodness

(people do look at you with wonderment on their face when you take pictures of your

if you like 

southern food & hospitality

you'll find it at page's

and speaking of food....

we found the best farmers market!

i have never seen such pretty berries & so big!!!!

we enjoyed some of those purple potato's for last nights dinner

we snacked on loads of freshness during our stay

when we weren't eating, we spent much of our time walking the shoreline

collecting sea shells by the sea shore

we found some pretty shells, but the he found some beauties!

we brought these home along with lots of little treasures

they are all soaking in a bath of soapy bleachy water

as they are pretty stinky!

we do not make but a few plans while on vacation

we're both content to spend our days at the beach

but we did take advantage of one of the cooler, rainy days & headed

across the bridge to charleston

to take in all the local beauty that charleston is known for

awwwwwww  this bridge.....i'm so thankful to have the hubs drive me around these islands

i've never driven across it...i can barely look out the window....or for that matter....... breath

my stomach is in knots, my palms are sweaty & i'm pretty sure my heart stops beating

(a little dramatic thinks the

i feel such relief when we've made it across

silly i know....but hey...bridges fall!

once across the death defying bridge

charleston has the most beautiful homes


 many of them have with gates to match

so much so, there is a jewelry line fashioned after the gates

charleston has much to offer!

a short walk to the battery

and you'll see beautiful homes, gardens & gates

hahaha...i love this cute little couple

i would love to live in either of these houses

a girl can dream can't she!

all in all

we had a wonderful trip with weather to match

thanks south carolina for all your hospitality!

until next year

see ya'll



Sherri B. said...

Oh Katie, what a lovely time you had in such a beautiful place..there's nothing like having a beach vacation.

Happy 4th to you and your family, my friend. xxoo

Lap Dog Knits said...

love the pictures..this post reminds me of how much there is out there I know nothing about..
some of these foods I've never eaten, never seen the East
thanks so much for sharing what looks like a great vacation!!
Clouds and All!!!!

urban muser said...

looks like you had a great trip!!

Jesse said...

Wow, what a great trip!! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I can't believe the shells you found; I never find shells intact! I also love the pond couple, so cute :)

This is Belgium said...

wonderful pictures