Wednesday, July 18, 2012

vampires beware!

the hubs grew some great heads of garlic this year!

he planted the cloves last fall

and harvested a few weeks ago

the basil is almost ready

we have a few onions of decent size

given that we are in a drought

the garden is producing

are you eating anything out of your garden?



Sherri B. said...

Katie, those are perfect heads of garlic! We have had some kale and Bok Choy but that's about it..our tomatoes haven't even started getting any fruit on them yet..ugh.

Have a great day my friend! xo

Lap Dog Knits said...

beautiful garlic...I've never planted them before
We are enjoying tomatoes and peppers from the garden - that's about all we plant...
lemon and orange trees are keeping us in fruit most of the year
I suppose I should stop complaining about life in Southern California - the gardening is year round here..and I don't have a clue why...but we are having mild weather with a bit of rain
come visit:-)