Monday, July 30, 2012

what big buns you have!

i am loving Alana Chernila's homemade pantry!

i made the hamburger buns yesterday

they are huge!

the recipe made 8, but it could easily made 12

i've also made the homemade potato chips

from this same book

hands down, the best chips i've eaten 

they are baked!

(no picture of the chips...we ate them all!)

the dough came together easily


was easy to work with

i did a few with course salt, 

a few with toasted sesame seed

and a few with poppy seed

we enjoyed the buns with hamburgers

topped with homemade pimento spread

from paula deens 

the lady & sons savannah country cookbook


what books or recipes are you enjoying?



Sherri B. said...

I love that you made your very own hamburger cool is that?!

That book sounds very good. I was gifted a generous gift card from Amazon and have been making a list of all of the books to choose from, I will need to add this one and check it out..If you like it, it has to be good. xo

Jesse said...

Ooh this book looks fantastic! I am going to look for it!

Andi G said...

Drool! I will be adding this book to my shelf very soon.
I too love Bobby's pimento cheese spread. It is the best!