Monday, September 19, 2011

all things family, fall & fun~

i love when a plan comes together
and everyone has a great time
and that's just what happened this past sunday

we agreed to meet at youngs dairy in yellow springs
to attend the wool gathering
well....i wanted to go to the wool gathering,
everyone else wanted to have lunch, eat ice cream and see the animals

what's not to love about this guy

a little picking & playing

and of course, lunch!
where our family is gathered, food is ALWAYS involved

gigi, ashlie, iris & douglas

abbey, grayson, adelyn, adam & shelden

gigi, doug, and moi 

the glass says it all
it was family fun!

the littles were so good

perhaps the biggest drumstick ever
and yes, he ate it all

a ride in the barrels for mama & adelyn

grayson loved the goats

he giggled the entire time!

say cheese!

what day is complete on the farm without driving a tractor

thanks guys for meeting up with us
maybe it should be an annual trip?


The Barker's said...

What great pictures and such a fun day!!!! We should go every year!!! Also, isn't the pumpkin thing the same weekend we are doing pictures? Maybe we could go after the kids get naps to pick out pumpkins???

Sherri B. said...

Katie, I just love seeing the entire family...what a special day and the grand kiddos are soooo adorable, a very lovely family indeed! xo