Sunday, September 11, 2011

a rant and rave about blogger and my original post.......... cleaning & cookie baking with the pixie~'s a love hate relationship between me and them

i spent over an hour this morning getting a blog ready to post

only to find that

1. while working on said blog, tried to preview my work
nope....won't let me
honestly...why does blogger have to be so difficult
and inconsistent?????

2.  went back to grab another picture,
yep, you guessed it,
won't let me
had to close and re-open
(happens all the time)

3. grabbed my picture
returned to "draft"
even though i pressed
"save now"
it did not
it said "draft saved"
well you know the rest of the story


here we go again


the pixie was driving her mama a bit crazy

i was doing some cleaning & cookie baking

and i can always use some extra hands

even if they are little ones

so mama dropped her off and took the boys to a fishing derby

we did lots of cleaning

we ran the sweeper

washed a window or two

fed lucy & jesse

made the bed

and then we whipped up the best cookies

they are my new favorite

you can find the recipe at sugarcooking

there was some mixing

a little whisking

and what is cookie baking without a little tasting

and last but not least...pretzel smashing

i believe this was her favorite part

then there was an hour of waiting as the dough had to chill

in that time we

sat on the porch swing

read a few books

waited on grampy to come out of the barn

had a few snacks
(all that baking & cleaning makes a girl hungry ya know)

and watched the hummers at the feeders

the final product

oh my....these are the best combination of




peanut butter


salty goodness

give em' a try



Lap Dog Knits said... do you like that counter top???

cookie baking with pixies are wonderful and I'm considering a butcher block counter..

Enjoy your week with your pixie!!!

ANDIGAL said...

Always love the posts that involve the pixie. She is quite adorable. I am sooooo going to make those cookies!