Saturday, September 10, 2011

a sunny fall day + 2 little cuties = photo shoot

the pixie

i'm not sure why i thought she would be excited about
her nana taking a hundred pictures

even with a pocket full of candies i
didn't get much cooperation from her

she looked at her mother and i like well,
like we were a  little on the silly side
what with all the
we probably did look silly

but this one...
baby boy grayson
ate it up
he thought his mama & i were hysterical

he always has a giggle & a smile
no candy needed
sit him on a log
stand him on a chair
put him in the grass
he didn't care
he smiled


baby g
 chunky monkey

adelyn the pixie

the idea of taking lots & lots of pictures
of the grandkidlets all began
because i couldn't resist the purchase of clearence sunflowers
from andersons

i went after dog food and came out with flowers
go figure

i've been wanting to do some pics of the grand kidlets
and a bunch of sunflowers seemed reason enough
that and a pretty fall day
seemed to be the only motivation i needed

she likes her boots
she wants to wear her boots
she walks as though they aren't very comfortable
and they probably aren't

he seemed to love the day nana had in store for him

she tolerated the day nana had in store for her

it ended with a kiss

thank you
grayson thomas & adelyn laine
for allowing your nana
to pretend as though she knows what she's doing
for an afternoon



Sherri B. said...

What a great job Nana did on capturing those little dolls, and how super sweet is the kissing one..Love them all and thanks for putting a big smile on my face! xo

The Barker's said...

They turned out great!!!! The sunflowers really added to the picture! Addy and Grayson are as cute as ever!!!